Walkie-talkies can be used for instant communication, but many people don't know what context to use them.
In fact, as technology improves, more and more scenarios can be used for walkie-talkies, but many people do not pay attention to them.
Indoor environments that require frequent remote contact
In restaurants, hotels, banks and other environments, staff need to move around indoors frequently and keep in touch to ensure high-quality service. To this end, intercom can be used to connect the hall, the front desk and the kitchen and other venues, maintaining instant intercom, no waiting, quick response.
For example, 9R of Baofeng mini digital walkie-talkie is widely used in service scenarios. It not only has clear sound quality, anti-eavesdropping, no crosstalk frequency and ultra-long standby, but also highlights professionalism when worn on the body.
In the state of sufficient electricity, there is no need for communication costs, compared with the high cost of telephone, the use of walkie-talkies undoubtedly saves communication costs for enterprises.
Indoor with poor signal or outdoor with no signal
Walkie-talkie communication requires no network, which is an advantage over cell phone contact.
The elevator near the hotel or hiking in the mountains, may encounter a weak signal and can not call the situation, walkie-talkies do not have this worry, and strong penetration, very suitable for outdoor tourism.
The Baofeng mini digital walkie-talkie is small and suitable for adults as well as children. When parents travel with their children, they will worry about being scattered because of too many people, so they can wear a walkie-talkie to communicate with their children freely in the scenic spot and know the location of their children anytime and anywhere.
Warehouse, factory and other large work area
Large working areas such as warehouses and factories have higher requirements for walkie-talkies, and they also have requirements for dustproof and waterproof grades. Baofeng mini digital walkie-talkie has been developed for different needs, among which Shanbingtong I3 is a full function mini digital walkie-talkie. On the basis of having the basic functions of digital walkie-talkie, the dustproof and waterproof grade has reached IP67 grade, and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall.
Walkie-talkies are important when large events are held outdoors. Baofeng micro digital walkie-talkie adopts ANC digital noise filtering technology to effectively filter interference signals and noise, even in the lively activity scene, it can still clearly intertalk.