1. There are three switches or knobs for walkie-talkie. The knob on the left of the top is the switch, but also can adjust the volume, the knob on the right of the top is responsible for adjusting the corresponding channel; The key on the side of the intercom is the talk key.

2. When starting up, turn the switch knob clockwise, there is an obvious start sound and the indicator light will flash green once, then adjust to the appropriate volume.

3. Adjust the intercom to the same channel. If there is frequent noise, it may conflict with other people's intercom channels.

4. When receiving other people's communication, the indicator light will flash green.

5. When you need to send a message, press and hold the message button and start communicating. Release the message button when the message is finished.

6. If the charger indicator light is red and does not blink when using the seat charger, it indicates normal charging, and green indicates that the charging is completed. If the indicator blinks, the intercom may not be in contact with the charger. Reinsert the intercom and charge it.