1. Walkie-talkie is a communication tool, which is different from the paid communication of mobile phones.

2. The biggest difference lies in group calling, which enables information to reach the whole team quickly.

3. Mobile phone is a single point of contact, intercom is a multi-point contact, so your personal consumption intercom is isolated, there must be a group to echo, play a role.

4. The large number of groups will also cause interference (which can be solved by the main call, secondary call and audit team management). For example, in a moving team (bicycle, car, walking, etc.), the main call is the leader and guide, the secondary call is the end call and the second leader.

Advantages of walkie-talkies:

Why do people choose to use walkie-talkies when cell phones are so popular today?

This is because walkie-talkies are unique compared to cell phones in many ways:

1. Walkie-talkie is not limited by the network, do not rely on the base station and other third-party equipment, completely send their own signals are directly received by another, can avoid the damage of third-party equipment caused by communication, in the network is not covered by the place, walkie-talkie can let users easily communicate. Especially in military and other places with high reliability requirements, mobile phones will not work, without base stations mobile phones are useless.

2. Walkie-talkie provides one-to-one, one-to-many calls, a press to say, simple operation, make communication more free, especially in the case of emergency scheduling and collective cooperation, these characteristics are very important;

3. Low call cost.